Safety & Privacy on Mobile. Browse Freely.

Get unrestricted access to any site from anywhere in the world. Stay safe and anonymous, protect your identity from surveillance and tracking. Use CT VPN on all of your mobile devices, while at home or traveling abroad.

One simple app for the global Internet access

Run CT VPN and get easy access to any website around the world. You can unblock any content that was not available before. Install the app, choose a country and enjoy high-speed Internet. Once the secure connection is established, the app will work in the background, keeping your data safe.

  • One app, one tap
    Activate protection instantly on all your devices. A simple interface makes it perfectly easy to get guarded whenever you need it.
  • Keep your location and data private
    Protect your identity. No one can see what websites you visit and disclose your location.
  • Apply to selected apps
    You get to decide which apps will use the secure VPN tunnel and which will work in the regular mode.
Why choose CT VPN?

CT VPN has all the necessary features to provide you with fast and secure Internet access from any part of the world.

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    Switch location

    You can access any content, regardless of your location. A wide server coverage allows to change countries and browse the global web without restrictions.

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    Safe access

    CT VPN provides a secure encrypted tunnel for your data transmitted over the Internet, keeping it perfectly safe.

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    Wi-Fi shield

    CT VPN maintains a protected connection even when you are using public Wi-Fi. Stay secure on any Wi-Fi hotspot you connect to.

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    Enable per-app

    CT VPN allows you to decide which apps will run through the encrypted VPN connection and which will work as usual.

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    High-speed connection

    Enjoy unlimited speed, download and stream with no buffering. Watch videos, play games and browse any website fast and safe.

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    Traffic and battery optimizer

    Block distracting ads with traffic optimizing feature. It allows you to use less mobile bandwidth and keep the battery charged longer.

Protect your privacy. Get extra benefits with premium features.

Use a secure VPN connection for apps on your mobile devices. Choose the location of the server to connect through and select apps to apply settings. Enjoy new possibilities of using a web browser with additional income benefits.